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System highlights

  • Modules are outfitted with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, which means that charge is restored during the day. If placed in direct sunlight, more power is collected than used throughout most of the year. In turn batteries do not have to be periodically replaced manually. Voltages of internal battery and solar panel are measured and can be monitored to prevent complete power loss after unexpected events.

  • Steel hull and four weight cells together make for very sturdy scales with a wide measuring range. Maximum measurable weight is 400 kilos (around 880lbs), which can be important when using thick walled insulated hives that weigh a lot by themselves. Sensors have safe overload limit of 480 kilos allowing for easier transportation and installation. Scales have been tested in heat and cold and their readings are sufficiently accurate regardless the temperature swings of a day.

  • One main module can service up to 127 additional modules, which means that a group of 128 modules can use a single SIM card to hand off data from hives to servers. Care was taken to minimize data usage and even such large groups will use insignificant amounts of bandwidth. Operating costs of one module is therefore drastically reduced.

  • It is possible to pick components to match requirements at hand. Components can be added or removed at any point.

  • The main module uses GSM network to transfer data to the main servers where data is stored and analyzed. Later using any standard browser with a connected account this data can be accessed from anywhere where there is a connection to the Internet.

  • Four point scales with adjustable height legs will provide a stable foundation to place the hives onto. Two separate parts can be placed at an appropriate distance apart during installation (standard cable allows for 70cm gap).

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